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It’s apparent to most of us now that DeFi is a model that investor like, a lot. They like the ability to control their own finances; they like the ability to deal on a level playing field with other investors.

First of all, what is Ethereum? Many people know Ethereum simply as a tradable cryptocurrency, much like bitcoin. This is true.

Turning idle crypto coins into real cash is a big incentive for many hodlers. Yet the market for cryptocurrency lending and borrowing is still evolving.

An abundant supply of new cryptocurrencies and tokens means that we need to have some simple tools to understand their value.

One of the fundamental value factors of bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies is their supply schedule. Bitcoin’s protocol is what sets the supply rate of newly minted coins.

There is a quiet revolution going on and it is shaping the way we will work, invest, save and borrow. DEFI is the decentralization of finance and of things.


Let's face it. Buy and hold (hodling) is not for everyone. If you want to ratchet up those profits, or even create a bit of income from your crypto assets you need to look for something a bit more dynamic.

eToro is the latest online broker to allow trading in bitcoins. You’re now able to buy and sell the virtual currency through the social investment website.

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