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A spinning top is a Japanese candlestick pattern that denotes indecision in the market, usually at the end of a trend. It can warn of price reversal.

Bats are five point chart patterns that can point towards either a bullish or bearish breakout. They are quite similar in appearance to the butterfly...

A counter attack line happens when there’s a price gap between the close and open of two sessions. The “counter attack” fully reverses the gap taking the price back to the close of the previous session.

ABCD patterns can forecast a bullish or bearish breakout. Success in trading these patterns lies in timing the final point D.

Crab patterns often start to unfold when a market is making its highest high or lowest low in an established trend. These harmonic structures can...

The butterfly is a harmonic chart pattern which you can use to trade possible trend reversals. Relatively new, it was first publicized in the...


Price bounces can be triggered by contact with any kind of support and resistance area. This can be a daily pivot line, a horizontal price support, a moving average line, or a Bollinger band line to name just a few.

The three-inside candlestick pattern is useful in predicting trend turning points and swings in currency pairs and other markets. It’s not a common pattern.

A harami pattern marks a sudden break in a trend where there’s indecision. At this point the buyers and sellers are closely matched leading the price to hover.


A bullish engulfing candlestick can be a useful buy signal. But in order to trade them we have to be able to recognize reliable patterns from the false ones.

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