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Digital asset backed tokens solve the problem of purchase, storage, and exchange of commodities that exist in the real world. Gold for example is expensive to store, to move, and to transfer from one owner to another.

Turning idle crypto coins into real cash is a big incentive for many hodlers. Yet the market for cryptocurrency lending and borrowing is still evolving.

With gold seen once more as a strategic asset, central bank buying has been steadily on the rise. One obvious reason is to diversify foreign exchange reserves away from US dollars.

Central banks across the world are scrambling to get on the crypto currency bandwagon. The US Federal Reserve, European Central Bank and the Bank of England have each suggested some form of venture into the world of crypto currencies and crypto payments.

Much of the modern global financial system is a paper system that relies on trust between counterparties. We assume the money will be there when needed.


For most investors most of the time, gold is just another currency. But in times of turmoil, gold takes on another meaning.

Gold has gained more than 8% in 2016 after a volatile year. The 1st half of the year was driven by fears of a worldwide recession and uncertainties around the BREXIT vote.

After touching its highest level in July 2016, close to 1380 dollars per ounce, Gold began to weaken and on Tuesday experienced its strongest decline in 3 years - a drop of nearly 3%.

Oil and the US continue to dominate market sentiment. There are important implications for currencies as well as stocks. Brent crude reached a new four-year low last week.

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