Currency forwards and futures are where traders agree the rate for exchanging two currencies at a given date in the future. This can for example be 1 month, 3 months, or 6 months ahead.

Why does inflation matter to currency traders? It matters because inflation is a cost and a risk of holding a currency for any length of time.

Control of money and interest rates is vital to the working of an economy and as such in most countries, the responsibility for managing them is given to a central bank. 

Interest rates set the cost of borrowing and lending for a currency. They can also have a big impact on a country’s economy and...

To understand why interest rates are so important to traders, we first have to be clear about what exactly we mean by interest rates....

Test yourself on the basics of inflation with this short quiz.

The Basics What is technical analysis, what are the main tools, and how is it relevant to Forex trading? That's what we'll be covering in...

Charting is really a sub-discipline of technical analysis - however it's a very big one as nearly every Forex trader will utilize, to some extent, price charts when making trading decisions.

As one of the easiest to understand, support and resistance levels indicate where traders expect the price to meet a psychological barrier.

Traders use trends and ranges extensively in the financial markets, and Forex traders are no exception. Markets are normally either trending or ranging.

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