The result of this election could create a great deal of uncertainty. In such times, you’d usually see a flight to quality. There are a couple of things that investors are worried about.

The US Dollar is at its highest level since February 2016. The higher investor expectations are for a rate hike, the more it strengthens.

If you’ve been watching stock markets lately you’ll know that since the beginning of the year the banking sector has had a pretty rough time.

After touching its highest level in July 2016, close to 1380 dollars per ounce, Gold began to weaken and on Tuesday experienced its strongest decline in 3 years - a drop of nearly 3%.

OPEC has decided to ignore the difficult relations between its members to act together on the oil price and try to stabilize the situation.


As expected and for the sixth consecutive meeting, the FED has not raised its rates, preferring to wait for more signs of progress.

In August, the BoE said it was prepared to provide more monetary stimulus if necessary. Yet, the Bank decided not to change anything in its monetary policy.

The FED releases its Beige Book eight times a year. Its purpose is to gather information on the economic conditions in each of the twelve areas (or “districts”) of the United States.

August's employment figures (NFP Report) should be examined closely, as according to Janet Yellen, a higher rate in September can still be expected.

It was a quiet trading session for the first anniversary of China’s Black Monday on the 24th of August 2015. One year ago, concerns about the health of the Chinese economy, the second economic power behind the United States, had caused a widespread sell-off.

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