TRIX or the triple exponential moving average is a trend analysis system that has been around since the early 80s. You can use it to analyze trend momentum and reversals - TRIX is deployed in various swing trading, scalping, and day trading strategies. This article describes a TRIX crossover strategy.


Many traders soon learn that pullback trading can be a killing-ground that traps the unwary on the wrong side of the trend and lead to rapid loses.

Pyramiding is a trading system that drip feeds money into the market, gradually as a trend develops. This strategy has several advantages.

A fading strategy bets against any move that takes the price out of a normal range. Another way of putting it is that fading is a bet on mean reversion.

The forward collar is a trade-off strategy where you give up some gains to limit losses. It's useful if you expect an asset to stay range bound.


Price bounces can be triggered by contact with any kind of support and resistance area. This can be a daily pivot line, a horizontal price support, a moving average line, or a Bollinger band line to name just a few.


Elder’s triple screen was first used as a stock trading strategy but it’s widely used in forex and other markets as well. It is essentially a trend following system.


Perhaps one of the simplest trading strategies of all is that of the moving average crossover. Simple and exponential crossover strategies have a wide...


Understanding how trends form is obviously vital if you want to time entry and exit points for buying and selling. This makes Elliott theory an interesting model.


A squeeze is where the market is moved to an extreme value in a short space of time. These moves are often temporary, and so they can create some good trading opportunities for turning a quick profit.

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