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The New Zealand Dollar (NZD) extended it's strong rally today following the Central Bank's announcement. NZDUSD rallied to 0.7143 in early trade.

ECB left its key interest rates unchanged, saying it was willing to leave the rates "at present or lower levels for an extended period of time.

a competitive devaluation, also known as a currency war, represents a situation in which a central bank decides to manipulate its currency to make it weaker in order to boost the competitiveness of its economy.

On Monday, the American investment bank published a note that describes a situation where oil demand is now outstripping supply. Goldman Sachs cited recent crude oil production interruptions.

After the FED decided not to raise interest rates on the 27th of April, the USD continued to depreciate sharply until reaching a bottom level on May 3rd.


The jobs market is a barometer to the health of the economy. Other than interest rate announcements from the Federal Reserve there are few pieces of economic data that will move markets as much as employment data.

Oil and the US continue to dominate market sentiment. There are important implications for currencies as well as stocks. Brent crude reached a new four-year low last week.

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